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Interviews with Cool People

Kingdom of Birds Presents:

When they are not busy plotting out the future course of Rock and Roll, Sam and Ása are honing their journalistic skills.
They've been interviewing all kinds of people in the Canadian music scene, and we'll be uploading new interviews from time to time as we work through the backlog.
Thank you to Michael McKenzie and Red House Music Academy for all the help.

Ása and Sam interview Chris Taylor; president of eOne Music and co-founder of Last Gang Records. He’s is a pretty big deal in the music industry. Chris helped launch the careers of artists such as Metric, Crystal Castles, Nelly Furtado, The Arkells, Sum41 and many many more. Lifestyle wise, we’re pretty sure he has dinner with Drake on regular basis.

Ása and Sam interview Chris Murphy of Sloan and TUNS.
Sloan have been pretty together for 25 years and are one the greatest Canadian rock bands of all time. Ása and Sam don't shy away from the tough questions as they dare to find out about Chris's lifestyle.

Ása interviews Joel Gibb, the lead singer, songwriter and choir captain of The Hidden Cameras. Formed in Toronto in 2001, Gibb and his gang of musical provocateurs have created music and live performances legendary for their raucous, unfettered celebration of freedom and sexuality.

Sam interviews Mike Belitsky, the drummer for The Sadies. He has played drums for a number of bands, including Jale, Jellyfishbabies, Neko Case and The Pernice Brothers.
He currently also plays in The Unintended and The New Mendicants.

Tao-Ming Lau is an agent at the Billions Corporation, one of the biggest, and most artist-centric booking agencies in the world. Tao is super cool. 
And talk about lifestyle; part of her job is to go out and watch bands every night!

Sam and Ása interview Jennifer Pierce of Halifax's JALE (an acronym for the members first initials of their first names). JALE was formed in 1992 and was signed to Sub-Pop Records in 1993 hot on the heels of the Maritimes grunge revolution (which included Sloan, Eric's Trip and Hardship Post).

Sam and Ása talk to Stephen Yorke, owner of Dead Dog Records; one of Toronto's coolest independent record stores. While Sam and Ása get the real dirt on what it takes to make a go of it in today's retail music market, we never find out if Stephen is at all related to Ása's hero, Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

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