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About Kingdom of Birds

Kingdom of Birds is the trashy, pumped up and equally sultry post-punk band that has been a Toronto staple since their formation. Their presence has such an impact on the music scene that without it, our economic infrastructure would collapse and people would decide to go deaf due to lack of good music.


The band is made up of three heavy hitters, Asa, front-woman and guitarist, a Tim Burton character dipped in glitter and charisma who thrashes and jumps around like she's won a prize hog at a state fair. She plays her guitar like an old woman slicing butter: smooth but forceful.


Annabel is the solid underbelly of the band's sound, who makes bass riffs so good your heart will beat in 5/4 time.


Bea’s wild and wondrously exact drumming is deliberate, and unabashedly fun. Fun fact: Jim Henson based Animal on Bea’s drumming style.


Kingdom of Birds is a musical experience not meant to be missed, for you will surely regret it. It is more urgent than ever that you experience KOB (the name fans call the influential threesome) and the Kobble (the sound that excited fans make as Asa plugs in her guitar, think of chickens gobbling). The call of the birds is waiting for you dear audience. Kobble kobble.


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